UltiMAK Rail Cover - Full
Covers five slots.
Mounts to any MIL STD 1913 (Picatinny) rail forend.
Color; Black
Model# URCF-B

Made in U.S.A.

(Minimum of 9 recommended)

Set of three
Full Rail Covers - Black
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Rail Cover Installation (Windows Media Video)

Push them onto any Picatinny style rail forend. A radiused outer profile forms a comfortable, round handguard when installed. 5-slot length provides an adaptable, modular system that is easily reconfigured. These covers provide excellent protection of the unused rail sections, and they protect hands and gear from the hard edges of the rails. Made of extremely tough Santoprene, they present a firm, rubbery surface with excellent grip. Unlike some others we've tried, these covers stay firmly in place on the rail, and they tip on-- You don't slide them from one end of the rail, so they allow your other rail covers and other gear to stay in place. The AK at right has the minimum 9 covers recommended (three sets of three) which approximates the length of the original AK handguard.

Picatinny Rail Covers on UltiMAK ACR2