Custom Rifles - Instruments of fun, Keepers of the Peace
This highly accessorized sport AK is an UltiMAK enhanced Romanian SAR-1. It's wearing an Aimpoint CompC3 reflex sight on the UltiMAK M1-B optic mount, and a Surefire Millennium series high output weapon light with its momentary switch installed in a Tango Down vertical forend grip. The Harris bipod is mounted to the UltiMAK modular rail forend using a Swan/A.R.M.S. throw lever bipod mount. The six position stock, designed specifically for AKs, took only a few minutes to install. The drum magazine, in its vinyl coated carry pouch, is loaded with seventy five 123 grain hollow point rounds. That's 9,225 grains' worth of pure heavy metal, 24 hour fun.

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