The concept for this small, light rifle came from the 1940s, born of the urgent need to eradicate German national socialism, Italian fascism and Japanese imperialism. Today the U.S. Carbine, Caliber .30, M1 serves as a very enjoyable sport rifle, an excellent training rifle, or a good first semi-auto rifle for children, plus it can be used effectively for home security and law enforcement. It is far more powerful than a typical pistol caliber carbine and easier to master than a pistol, shotgun or a high power rifle. This modern example wears a Choate folding stock, the UltiMAK M6-B forward optic mount, Aimpoint's excellent CompM3 reflective sight and a Specter three-point carry sling. This package represents an update to the famous M1A1 paratrooper model Carbine, and makes a welcome addition to any home.
Tip 1; The 15 round N.O.S. G.I. magazine shown is totally reliable, which apparently cannot be said for most of the after-market 30 round mags.
Tip 2; The single 1/3 N lithium power cell in the CompM3 would have lasted the entire duration of the American involvement in W.W.II, from Pearl Harbor to VJ Day, without ever being turned off, and with power to spare.

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