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UltiMAK Distributors
Proprietary UltiMAK optic mounts are also distributed by these fine companies;

Atlantic Firearms

Blackheart International, LLC

Blackjack Buffers

Brownell's, Inc.

Electro-Optics Technologies (EOTech)

Fulton Armory

One Source Tactical

Primary Arms, LLC
2825 Miller Ranch Road, Ste 213
Pearland, TX 77584

Solar Tactical

The Country Shed

Other Links;

In Search of the Second Amendment. They say in war, the truth is often the first casualty. In the decades-long political war against your Constitutionally protected rights, this has certainly been the case. Also in a political war, one must have at least the illusion of credibility in order to be taken seriously by a majority of people. This documentary strips all illusion of credibility from the anti-rights activists. Using language directly from those who wrote and ratified our Constitution, well foot-noted, it could go a long way toward achieving a peaceful resolution to this issue, and by the only means that has ever worked - disgracing the anti-freedom forces with solid, irrefutable evidence while showing the positive results that come from the protection of basic rights. We’re all for compromise, you understand, so long as the anti-gun, anti self defense, anti-freedom activists are compromising in favor of Liberty and specifically in favor of the Bill of Rights at every turn, thereby showing us how mature, how magnanimous they are, and how well they can get along with their fellow Americans.

The Gun Legislation Debate - Just One Question. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you don't get to have your own facts. The mark of a good engineer is the ability to distill a problem to its essential components. If he's arguing with a politician though there's going to be trouble, because the mark of a good politician is the ability to confuse the issue, or in the end, just write the law anyway. Here is how an engineer tackles the gun debate, and so far no one has been able to answer this thoughtfully distilled question in the affirmative. This is quite apart from the U.S. Constitution, which says what it says regardless of anyone's feelings, either 200 years ago, today, or after the next hurricane, which was of course the whole point of it. Enjoy.

Exterior Ballistics. Modern Ballistics-- It was an epiphany; I was out hunting with Joe, the designer of this software. I saw him take some measurements and punch a few numbers into his calculator. Seconds later he dialed in the number "5" on his scope's elevation turret. I noticed the calculator had "5 MOA" showing on its display. When I asked him what it meant, he told me that his scope is set to indicate sight angle directly (the angle between the bore and the scope's line-of-sight). Ah Ha! Never mind what your zero was last week, in what atmospheric conditions, and where you need to go from that setting to achieve your desired settings for this shot, here, today, under these different conditions. It does not matter. What matters is the indicated sight angle for this distance, here, today, period. No "come-ups" or "come-downs" based on some unknown sight angle from some earlier shot. This makes the program much more flexible, user friendly, direct, and relevant. If you're interested in knowing where your bullet will hit on the first shot, if you want to know in advance things like group sizes, velocities and bullet drop at various ranges, probabilities of hits, sight picture and much more, all tailored specifically to your load, firearm, and local conditions, this software is for you.
Some user restrictions apply.

Extreme Adventure. Sign up today for the Boomershoot-- Rifles + high explosives = fun. We heartily encourage shooting enthusiasts from all walks of life to attend the next Boomershoot. "Move over Disneyland-- This is the new American family fun adventure getaway." Bring sunscreen and a raincoat.

Optics. Aimpoint-- One of our favorites. If you want a flawless performer in all lighting conditions, this is a good choice;

Optics. Trijicon-- Great stuff. Always on. Powered by ambient light and a tritium beta source, there are no switches or batteries to contend with. Reticle brightness varies automatically with conditions. Very rugged and well designed;

Optics. Electro-Optics Technologies (EOTech)-- The increasingly popular Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) is Military Grade. It's tough, it has a superb reticle, and it works very well. Night vision compatable models are available;

Custom AKs and Mini-14/30s.

Arsenal, Inc.-- AKs. Some of the better ones available.

Chief AJ-- Custom rifles, Shooting instruction, Philosophy.

Clark Custom Guns-- Custom Mini-14s, Custom Pistols, Gunsmithing, Stocks and accessories.

Krebs Custom-- Custom AKs, parts and accessories.

Training Facilities. So you have yourself a gun or two. Now have some fun and get some important training in firearm skills, "Threat management" and "The judicious use of force," etc.. These people are the masters.

Defense Associates;

Front Sight;

Massad Ayoob - Lethal Force Institute;

Suarez International;

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