A.R.M.S. #22M68 Throw Lever Ring
X-Wide 30 mm Ring For all Aimpoint Comp Series Sights
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Color; Dark Charcoal Grey
Part # ARMS#22/M68
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ARMS #22M68 30mm throw lever ring for Aimpoint Comp
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High precision manufacturing provides a secure, reliable hold for your premium optic while allowing extremely fast, easy removal and replacement. Made of high strength, MIL STD hard anodized aluminum and Parkerized steel. Comes with screws and wrench. Fits all current production UltiMAK mounts, or any MIL STD 1913 (Picatinny) rail.

This ring sits a little higher than the low Aimpoint X-wide rings (10818 and 10819) so it will not provide co witnessing of iron sights on AK, Mini-14/30 or .30 M1 Carbine. Shown at right installed on an AK, it's holding an Aimpoint CompC3 reflex sight. Below it is installed on an AR-15 flat top with spacer ARMS#22/SP (SOLD SEPERATELY) which puts your optic at the correct height for a flat top AR-15, M-16 or M-4.
30 mm Q.D. Ring for Aimpoint
30mm QD scope ring for AR15, M16, AK47, Mini 14, Mini 30, .30 M1 carbine, Our field testing has resulted in the following recommendation; Before using the ring, the two bottom screws that fit up from underneath, and secure the A.R.M.S. #22 rail squeezer to its ring should be removed and the threads treated very lightly with #243 Loctite or a similar product. This will prevent loosening of the screws caused by vibration and recoil.