Trijicon Reflex II RX06
Dual reticle illumination system:
Ambient light, plus tritium for low light targeting.

Includes tethered front and back lens covers,
polarizing filter, LENSPEN cleaning device,
Allen wrench and instruction manual.
Heavy duty construction.

Optical magnification; 1x
Reticle: 12.5 M.O.A. amber triangle
Finish: Matte, Hard anodized AL, Dark Charcoal Grey
Model# RX06

Made In U.S.A.
Mount/rail interface sold seperately.
Out of Stock.


No fussing with switches or batteries.
Self luminous tritium and ambient light provide proper reticle illumination in a wide range of lighting conditions.

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This Vepr rifle is equipped with the UltiMAK M3-B optic mount. The Trijicon RX06, attached here using the RX23 throw-lever rail interface, gives the shooter a distinct advantage in targeting ease and speed. Its constant-on tritium power source makes it ideal for long-term standby or alert status applications, as well as everyday shooting, plinking, hunting, and serious defense work. The RXO6 contains no electronic device. It is effective at the weapon's maximum range and provides the same, or better, precision as iron sights. As with all reflex type sights, it has unlimited eye relief.
For a combination of speed and precision, the triangle reticle, measuring 12.5 MOA (Minutes Of Angle) at the base, is large and easy to acquire very quickly. At the same time, the tip of the triangle provides a precise aiming point.

The Reflex II is optically corrected for parallax.
Target acquisition speed is maximized because there
is no need to align the reticle with the center
of the lens.