Choate Folding Synthetic Stock for .30 M1 Carbine.
Fits tight and secure on GI pattern M1 Carbine. Also fits the new Auto Ordinance Carbine. Pre Modified to accomodate UltiMAK Optic Mount M6-B or M6-S.
Easy installation. May require minor trimming in some cases.
(Will not fit most "Universal" or other commercial brand Carbines)
Upper handguard not included.
Color; Black w/matte finish
Length Of Pull (LOP); approx. 13.75" (fits average-sized shooter)
Model; CHM1CF
Made in U.S.A.


.30 Carbine Folder - Light and Handy
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Folding M1 Carbine Stock with Forward Scope Mount
Shown above on the new Auto Ordinance Carbine with the UltiMAK M6-B forward optic mount, this rugged and handsome folder will make your favorite Carbine easier to carry, fitting in and out of your vehicle, closets, etc. without fuss. The all-steel hinge and latching mechanism locks securely in the open position and detents nicely into the folded position. The stock consists of a glass-filled polymer and has a soft "rubber" butt pad. The charging handle, safety, and trigger can all be easily manipulated with the stock in its folded position. There is a sling loop at the bottom of the pistol grip and another on top of the hinge box. We have machined the inside of the forend to accommodate the UltiMAK M6-B or M6-S optic mount, but you can use the stock just as well with or without the M6 mount. Installation involves transferring the original receiver tang and barrel band retaining clip to the new stock. No gunsmithing required.