Precision Folding Rear Sight for Flat Top Receivers
0.50 MOA windage click value*. Fits AR-15 / M-16 / M4 rifles. Folds to a low profile-- only .610" above top of rail. Large and small aperture (Standard dual plane) plus two aiming notches. Interfaces directly with Picatinny (MIL STD 1913) mounting rails. Locks securely in folded position, deploys quickly and easily. Excellent zero retention after repeated folding.
New, tethered clamping nut avoids loss.

Made in U.S.A.
Model; ARMS 40L-P

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ARMS #40L-P Precision Rear Sight, Deployed

The ARMS #40L-P ("Precision") has several new features: The windage adjusts in 1/2 MOA clicks (*depending on sight radius - sight radius is the distance between front and rear sights). There are two open sight notches, one above each aperture, and the rail clamping nut is tethered using a flexible steel cable to prevent loss when installing/removing.

Zero using the small aperture at 300 meters by adjusting the front sight (a rough zero is obtained at 25 meters)(see AR front sight tool instructions). The large aperture is then good for 0 to 200 meters, and the two open notches are good for CQB inside 50 meters, and for 500 and 600 meters (depending on barrel length, sight radius, and the ammunition being used). If desired, the small aperture can be removed, providing a simpler, full-time CQB arrangement.

Pictured at right is the 40L-P on a Rock River Arms "Entry/Tactical" rifle. When its retaining lever is pulled to the rear, the 40L-P flips up under spring tension. When folded, the 40L-P sits only .610" above the top of the receiver's Picatinny rail.

The Aimpoint Comp series sight (shown) when mounted using the QRP ring and the QRP Spacer co witnesses the iron sights just below the center of the Aimpoint's viewing area.

MOA: Minute(s) Of Angle, or Minute of Arc (one sixtieth of a degree) equal to about one inch at 100 yards, two inches at 200 yards, etc..
ARMS #40L-P Precision Rear Sight, Folded ARMS #40L-P with Aimpoint Comp Sight and QRP with Spacer