Aimpoint 9000SC Reflex (red dot) Sight
New ACET system.

This sight is longer behind the turret than Comp series sights and it will span most rifle ejection ports. Mounts using two 30 mm rings (included). Provides ultra long battery life and a beautiful, clear sight picture. Bikini style lens covers, battery, and instructions are included.
Optical magnification; 1X
Body tube diameter; 30 mm
Reticle; 4 M.O.A. Red Dot
Model# AP11407


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Aimpoint red dot reflex sight 9000SC
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Aimpoint-- the undisputed leader in reflex sight technology now uses its latest ACET diode system in the 9000SC sight. Ultra low current consumption combined with Aimpoint's tuned lens coating technology make for the clearest view, with the brightest dot reticle, and longest battery life ever achieved. Aimpoint also provides the greatest range of dot brightness in the industry-- from very dim, for low light shooting, to extra bright. The windage and elevation turret caps are tethered for your convenience. Works with any 30 mm rings, but includes a pair of the Aimpoint #AP11286 (low) rings.

You will notice that the two photographs on this page show the Aimpoint's power/switch module on opposite sides. This is because the Aimpoint sights can be installed with the switch module on either side, as desired. The zeroing adjustments are inscribed "UP-R" and "UP-L" accordingly. This convenience feature is described in the instructions that come with the sight.

M.O.A. = Minute Of Angle-- 1/60th of a degree, or ~1 inch at 100 yards. The 4 MOA dot will subtend ~2" at 50 yards, ~4" at 100 yards, 8" @ 200 yds., etc..
Aimpoint red dot sight 9000SC