Folding Buttstock for Stamped AKs
Polymer construction with solid steel hinge pin.
Folds to the right.
Maintains access to charging handle.
Easy installation.
Drill bit and screws included.
Fits stamped receivers.
Color; Black
Model# AKFS

Made In U.S.A.

Out of Stock. ETA; TBA

Folding AK Stock
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Store your AK in a smaller space for easier handling. A folding stock makes your rifle much simpler to transport to the range-- no need for those clumsy, 4 foot long rifle cases. Designed specifically for the AK, this Galil style folder installs easily to your stamped receiver, replacing the standard fixed butt. Mounting screws, a matching drill bit and instructions are included. It has a steel pin type sling mount on the left side, near the back of the receiver. Its reinforced polymer construction and its geometry also help to reduce the already low felt recoil of the AK. It folds as easily and as quickly as a moderate Republican Senator, but it's far stronger, way less expensive, easier to handle, more attractive, and infinitely more useful. Locks securely in both the open and folded positions. Length of pull; 14.5" (from trigger to butt plate). 11.1" from back of receiver.

AK Folder
Installed AK Folder