M249 Style Pistol Grip for AKs
Heavy duty polymer construction.

Hinged lid for storage compartment.
Fits stamped and milled AK receivers.
Includes mounting screw and instructions.
Finish; Black, Matte

Made in U.S.A. (Embossed "USA")
Model: AK249

AK Sporter Pistol Grip
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With the increasing popularity of AK sporters in the U.S., and their growing use in three-gun competitive shooting, the need for a better designed, full sized AK pistol grip has resulted in the AK249. Modeled after the grip on the M249 squad automatic weapon, this grip is larger than the original AK grips and provides a much more secure, comfortable hold on the rifle. Comes embossed with the letters "U.S.A." inside the compartment lid.

The state of California has NOT determined this pistol grip to be a cause of cancer in rats, though no doubt further studies are being conducted.

AK-47 Pistol Grip, M249 Style
M249 Style Pistol Grip Installed on AKM-74