Collapsible Buttstock for AKs
Six Positions.
Heavy duty composite construction.
Fits stamped receivers.
Drill bit and screws included.
Color; Olive Drab

Model# 6PCAK-OD

Made In U.S.A.

Six Position AK-47 Buttstock
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A collapsible stock allows the rifle to fit in a smaller space for transport, but more important, it allows for adjustable length of pull. Wearing only a t-shirt, compared to wearing a heavy coat or web gear means your length of pull can change with the circumstances. The six position stock solves this problem with positive locking adjustments, giving you the ability to maintain a comfortable and consistent feel in all circumstances. Designed specifically for the AK, it sits at the correct height and angle for proper spotweld. Another, unsung benefit to a collapsible stock is that it does not discriminate against small people. It installs easily to your stamped receiver, replacing the standard fixed butt. Its OD green color will no doubt impress all your leftist, Green Party member friends, convincing them that you are someone who truly cares about the important, natural balance and the unspoiled beauty of a great custom weapon. Mounting screws, a matching drill bit and instructions are included. It has a 1.25 inch sling loop on the bottom, and a slot for a right or left hand, side-mounted sling at the back. Largely impervious to moisture and common solvents, it is designed for many years of reliable service. Length of pull; 11.6" to 15.5" (trigger to buttplate) in six increments. 8.25" to 12.1" from back of receiver.

AK Collapsible Stock, O.D. Green